"The Wotan Network" Part 2 - How to Exploit a God

In my last post, I raised the alarm about Stephen McNallen's latest endeavor, which appears to not only involve partnering with out-lout-n-proud AltRight Red Ice Media, but utilizing Apocalyptic Rhetoric in order to push a racist agenda under a Heathen veneer. Now I'm sure everyone's curious about my closing statement from part 1, so let's get to the action.

"[...]where I try to figure out just why McNallen's somehow willing
to throw Wotan under the bus to achieve his goals."

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(02:29 - 03:16)
"Now, I happen to have been a follower of Wotan, under his name of Odin, for some 45 years, and my personal experience is that He is utterly real, if inherently mysterious. But I don't expect my Christian, or Atheist, or Agnostic, or Other friends to agree on that. Instead, I invite them to think of Wotan as Carl Jung, the famous psychologist, did: Namely, as an inherited symbol in the collective unconscious of the Germanic Peoples. Either way, as God or as Archetype, Wotan is a source of immense power, and we need to call upon that power to stir the European Peoples into action. This is exactly what the Wotan Network intends to do."
Let me try to wrap my head around this statement. Stephen McNallen, follower of Odin, firm believer that He is "utterly real," the man who can't make a video without name-dropping how he helped found the Asatru Folk Assembly, who is naming his new network after a God, is somehow perfectly willing to welcome into the fold anyone who just wants to view that God as a Jungian Archetype? So, really, Stephen, the only proper question I can ask is...

Because it looks like you're willing to treat Him however you need to, or work with others who do, in order to achieve your ends. It even might look a little...dare I say...coin operated? I've been a Heathen for maybe a tenth of McNallen's bragging point, but even I can see the potential impiety in this endeavor. Is the Old Man supposed to not notice, or not care, that you're inviting into a Network you're ostensibly forming in His name those who don't believe He even exists?
(03:17 - 04:16)
"Here's something I need to say, once again, and very clearly. It's too easy to get into a Pagan versus Christian argument when we talk about this. I am, and will remain, a man who practices the old, native religion of the Germanic Peoples. That said, when it comes to the Wotan Network, I don't care if you are a Pagan, Christian, Agnostic, Buddhist, Atheist, Theosophist, or whatever. That's your business. All I ask is, first: respect my religion, and I'll respect yours. And second: work with us for the attainment of our common goal: the awakening of our people. We've heard the slogan, 'No more brother wars' for decades now, and we need to expand that to include 'No more religious brother wars.' Our struggle is about the existence and the destiny of our people, not about religion."
Quite a list of religious viewpoints he's willing to accept into the fold, isn't it? What's missing? Well, I mean, the Jews are obviously out just because we're trying to get a chance to ride the AltRight train to celebrity, and Muslims are the "Big Bad" in Europe and America right now, and there can't be any "white" people who are those religions anyway, right? So it's not "whatever," but we all knew that to begin with. That said, just how accepting is this little endeavor going to be, religiously speaking?

I submit to the Court: Stephen McNallen's other video about what he 'really believes' made it's way over to AltRight.com and the comments there were fascinating.
"That's your business"
"I don't care if you're [...] whatever."  
"A common goal."

These are the people McNallen is offering an olive branch to. This is a small sample of the angry degenerates he's trying to draw in with his "race over religion" talk, and soon enough, they will, whether they believe or not, act in the name of Odin. There are Heathens in the world right now who are so picky about their company, they won't even attend rituals where a person might offer a "Hail" to Loki, and yet this Heathen Elder wants Heathens in his big fun tent to rub elbows with people who care less about you, even if you fit their definition of white, because you're a Heathen?

I have no issues with Interfaith work in premise, and an inherent level of respect is not only expected, but necessary in such endeavors. This? This is not Interfaith, and respect is not something the AltRight has proved adept at, in any capacity. This "Wotan Network" is not going to be a Heathen or religious endeavor, but a Racist one, despite it's name. Don't be fooled for a second about that.

It would seem from these comments that the AltRight view him, at best, as a useful fool to lead more Heathens to the cause. I wonder who is really using who in his new Red Ice partnership... Lastly, anyone else love how everyone is onto his subtle-not-subtle Nazi signaling?

(04:17 - 04:34)
"With that out of the way, you might ask how we will carry out our mission. How will we throw off the yoke of liberal, globalist, deracinated modernity and replace it with that which is heroic, authentic, and in keeping with our best ideals and instincts."
So "The Wotan Network" is willing to accept Atheists and Agnostics, but the video throws up this old political cartoon during McNallen's labeling of modernity in very unflattering terms:
Very curious...

So...are Atheists welcome or not, Stephen? Because this graphic that you throw up clearly shows Atheists as the end result of the "failed" modern world, and Christianity at the top. Which God, if any, are you looking to aid with your Network again?

We've established that despite this network's name, McNallen seems perfectly willing to just name-drop Wotan in order to pander to his previous Heathen audiences. Now it seems he's quietly signalling that Atheists aren't all that welcome in this network either. How is anyone supposed to trust a leader that is willing to sell out both his God and his followers just to achieve a goal?
(04:35 - 05:17)
"Here's how we'll start. First, there is Weaponized Social Media. This is much like the meme-sharing activity that played a considerable role in the 2016 Presidential Election, only the items shared will be various written ideas and images. Not just 'memes', as they have come to be known in the past couple of years. You know: pictures of Pepe the frog, and Donald Trump or whatever. These will be shared from node to node in a network, just as most of us already do. The difference being that there will be more thought given to widespread dissemination, with more focus, and with conscious intent to spread a particular item."
Okay, buckle up kiddos, because from here onward, he's talking about honest-to-Gods Spiritual Warfare, and I'm going to do the same. If that's not your bag, thanks for sticking with the critique this long.

Insert standard "It's not Harry Potter" disclaimer.

Sigil Magic is a thing. It's a real thing just like prayer, and it can have real world results. Which is why I (and you) should be concerned that what he's proposing is, for all intents and purposes, co-opting the AltRight Meme Machine to perform world-wide, mass sigil magic.

At it's most basic, a sigil is a symbol, a sign, a rune, or anything else that is both unique and identifiable visually. It can be as older than the Norse Vegvisir or as new as a simple frog cartoon that supposedly embodies an Egyptian God. It doesn't matter if the shitposters in it for "the lulz" don't believe it's actually magic, because there's power inherent in imagery (ask anyone who's seen a Nazi flag). This effort is going to be directed by an intelligent and cunning individual who has a long background in the esoteric. So intelligent, in fact, McNallen is deliberately framing it almost as a cute little directed info war campaign not far removed from current AltRight practices, precisely because he knows offering up these directed Memes as anything esoteric will result in more push-back and dissent in the ranks. He will be a spider at the center of a web of lies and magical energy, and his unwitting "nodes" will feed him as they spread his sigils far and wide.

There's no simple counter to this, unfortunately. There are those much better versed in sigil magic who can give pointers and tips if you want to try and make counter-sigils and memes to combat this effort, but these will be individual images attached to a web of intent and energy. Engage too haphazardly or deeply, and all you do is become prey. Be aware of what they are, and what they represent, and make others aware, too. The best counter to this really is that idiotic schoolyard advice, "Ignore." Don't feed the trolls your energy this time.
(05:18 - 05:34)
"This is sort of the 'Introductory Level' activity within the Wotan Network. Something done pretty much habitually by people anyway, but this time, consciously operating as nodes. Now, this will get more sophisticated as we go along, but for right now, it's pretty basic."
As I said, just a cute, fun, simple thing. Testing the waters. Testing penetration. Seeing just how far their reach extends. Again, don't engage these memes, just note them and be aware. Any negative attention feeds them power and information, but noting and watching their spread grants us information. Be strategic about this.
(05:35 - 05:59)
"The second element is: Actions on the Peaks. The name is a play on Julius Evola's book, Meditations on the Peaks, where he writes about the spiritual aspects of mountain climbing. Actions on the Peaks will consist of me, accompanied by a few other people, scaling well-known mountains in the western United States, and doing ritual to Wotan for the awakening of our people world wide."
Evola. Of course it's a fucking reference to Evola. They're not actual Nazi's, they just don't want Jews or Muslims and make blatant references to "one of the most influential fascist racists in Italian history."

So fucking tired of this argument.
However, this "second element," unlike the first, is something we absolutely can counter, and should.
(06:00 - 07:01)
"The kind of ritual performed will be a blot, which is an exchange of gifts with Wotan. Our symbolic gift to Him being a horn of mead poured in His honor from a mountaintop. While our real gift to Him is the dedication and the training and the physical ordeal we will undergo while doing this. His gift to us will be the continual awakening of more and more of our people. We will take videos of each trip, including the pouring of the horn to Wotan, but not including the details of the ritual because we don't parade those before the public. Now, some will dismiss these as 'stunts,' as if that was a bad thing, but they will be much more than 'stunts.' Each expedition will combine the spiritual, the physical, the meta-political, and the political. You will be encouraged to participate in one way or another wherever you live, maybe even sharing some photos with the rest of us."

Participate, you say?

As pretty as that sword is, no, I am not advocating violence. While I doubt McNallen will publish his mountain-climbing itinerary to the point where someone could bum-rush him in the middle of his blot (as funny as that is to contemplate), the neat thing about what he's doing is, we don't have to. He wants to corrupt the name of Odin and turn the Alfather further to a racist bent using ritual. What seems to not pay attention to is that the Alfather is cunning, old, not so easily swayed, and most importantly, He is not alone.

Anyone else notice Who is missing in all of these McNallen videos? Where is Frigg? Thor? Heimdall, Loki, Freya, Frey, Njord, Idunna, Hel, and all the others? Where are the Gods, plural? Is it because name dropping Odin evokes the "Victory or Valhalla" Brosatru mindset that taps into the toxic masculinity buried under the Pepes of the AltRight, or is it because just talking about a single God makes it easier for the Christian fundamentalists he's trying to entice to relate?

Regardless of the reason, we know his basic plan, and we can answer. Odin does not always wander alone, and though He is the Alfather, he is still part of the AEsir, still one among many in Asgard. We do not need to just engage in a spiritual and magical tug-of-war over how the Old Man will continue to manifest in Midgard, because that can tangle itself quickly. No, we end-run around this and we focus on what Heathens know is the root of our power: Tribe, Kith, Kin, Family. If we call on the other Gods and Goddesses in addition to Odin, we can win this.

If any readers have a desire to match him peak-for-peak, that would be utterly awesome, but it's not completely necessary. There are mountains and locales of power that are closer to where you live that are just as suitable for calling on the Gods. And we are going to call on them. I offer a sample, very simple, ritual at the bottom of this post if you are so inclined. I personally will be doing something very close to it.
(07:02 - 07:40)
"Third: I will travel to give Wotan blot. That is to day the ritual exchange of gifts with Wotan, to sympathetic gatherings, with the intention of awakening our people. There are several restrictions on this. The gathering in question must be private: that is, not open to the general public. And the intent must be serious. Those who have witnessed my Wotan blots can testify that you will not be disappointed. Such gatherings can also serve social and political goals not related to the Wotan blot itself. And in fact, they would be excellent opportunities to strengthen the Wotan Network on the ground."
Again we see the salesman at work. "Experts agree! You'll love it!" With Milo on the wane and Bannon sticking his foot in his mouth a little too much, the time is ripe for some fresh celebrities to seize prominence in the AltRight online space, and that's clearly what McNallen is aiming for here. Also, he's aware of how polarizing he's going to be with this stance, since it has to be private. He's quoting Nazis and talking about racial superiority in a religious context, for crying out loud. He wants to be a celebrity within the AltRight, not outside it. We'll see if that works out for him.
(07:41 - 08:07)
"Fourth: I will unveil a number of initiatives in a particular sequence, designed to accomplish specific goals. The first of these is Operation 'Holger Danske,' designed to support our brothers and sisters in Europe as they struggle against the Islamification of our ancestral homelands. Other projects will strengthen the bonds between America and Europe, and promote the unity of all the sons and daughters of Europe around the world."
So we're basically looking at a means of funding home-grown nationalists in Europe? It's no surprise there aren't any details beyond vaguely naming it after a resistance group in WWII, but let's not kid ourselves. Whether he's talking about supporting an existing group like the Soldiers of Odin or rolling his own somehow, this is not going to be a pleasant or peaceful community he's looking to support. My guess is this first "operation" is likely a real-world experiment like the meme network, testing support levels and reach potential. The fact that it is nascent does not mean we can dismiss it either. There are signs "The Wotan Network" is already spinning up it's messaging and outreach.
(08:08 - 08:37)
"So, how do you become a part of the Wotan Network? There are no applications to fill out, there are no dues to pay. Although, if you make a donation, it will go to help cover the cost of our operations. So what you need to do is this: go in to my YouTube channel, subscribe and like it. That constitutes a minimum level of commitment and shows you're serious. Someone will contact you, and tell you what to do next. Welcome to the underground."
Again, his aim is not to become a polarizing figure in the wider world like Milo and Spencer, but rather to be just the big fish in a little pond. It's smart, and there's nothing people like more than being part of a secret club.
(08:38 - 09:22)
[Caption: Wolf Age, Wotan Mitt Uns]
"It's time to make some changes. Changes in ourselves. Changes in our situation. And changes in the world around us. It's going to be exciting, and fun, and you will not want to miss it. This is Stephen McNallen, thanking you for watching this video, and supporting our endeavors."
[Caption: Wolf Age, Wotan Mitt Uns]
[RedIce.tv Logo/Promo]
Finally done with this video. There's both a lot (of AltRight and Nazi signals) and very little (actual information) in this video, and gouging out the points worth actually addressing is just the beginning. I'll be writing a stand-alone post in the next week or so with a more lengthy breakdown of rituals and actions that anyone can do to aid in keeping this Network firmly in the Outer Yard with the rest of the trolls and ill wights where it belongs. Stay tuned!

A Ritual for Odin:
Here's a very rough outline of what I suggest. We are not going to hide our intent, nor our words, and our power and will and might will be the stronger for it, for it is not tempered by fear of ridicule or interference.

I offer the following prayer to anyone who wants to perform some counter to the efforts laid out in the video. Feel free to modify if you want to add or remove any Gods you feel called upon. I do suggest keeping the callouts to 9 (including Odin), what with it being a sacred number. A basic ritual would be to read this aloud in a place of power (local mountaintop, waterfall, etc), then make an offering of some kind (beer, mead, or even clean water). Just make sure you're not damaging anything (don't leave glass bottles behind, be extremely careful if you're involving fire of any degree) and follow rules for wherever you are. These efforts are important, but getting arrested for trespassing or vandalism isn't really a suitable offering.

Hail to the AEsir, the Vanir, Valkyries, Einherjar, and all who dwell in Asgard!
Awaken and hear our call, for those who would claim themselves allies 
seek to sully the name of the Alfather.
Holy Mother, Wife of Odin, Knower of Fates, Frigga
We ask you to watch over your husband's wyrd as the dishonorable seek to use it for ill.
Great Thunderer, Son of Odin, Defender of Mankind, Thor
We ask you to guard those who would combat the corruption of your Father's name.
Wiley Trickster, Odin's Blood Brother, Silver-tongued Traveler, Loki
We ask you to twist their efforts, let their ill intent double back to bite the hand that looses it.
Eternal Watcher, Son of Odin, Guardian of Bifrost, Heimdall
We ask you turn your eyes and ears from this false piety, grant them no Holy attention in Asgard
Great Warrior, She Who Shares the Fallen with Odin, Mistress of Magic, Freya
We ask you to aid our efforts as we fight those who use the Gods in furtherance of hate.
 Brightest Day, Son of Odin, Shining One, Balder
We ask you turn your Light on those who utter falsehoods, that all may know the truth.
Battle Maidens, Messengers of Odin, Choosers of the Slain, Valkyries
We ask you to side with us against those who would dishonor the Alfather.
Battle-hardened, Soldiers of Odin's Hall, Army of Ragnarok, Einherjar
Train each day with such vigor that your battle cries drown our foes unholy supplications.
Alfather, Wanderer, Frenzy, One-Eye, Magician, Grimnir, Spear-weilder, Gallows Master, 
High One, Kingmaker, Kingslayer, Mead-Thief, Tree-Rider, Wotan, Woden, Odin!
Hear our cry, know our hearts, and see our deeds.
We will not allow your name to be turned to hatred and fear.
We will not allow any children of Ask and Embla to be attacked in your name.
Hail the Alfather! Hail Odin!

Game on, racists.


  1. Splendid. Let me also point out that Holger Danske, while his legend includes fighting Turks, also was invoked by the Danish against Nazi occupation, and in some versions went off to Avalon with Morgan le Fay. It should not be difficult to move him off their board too.


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