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A Little Lonely: Practicing as a Solitary Heathen

There are lots of Heathen 101 articles out there: How to approach the Gods, Are the Gods even there, Do They want to work with you, How much you're allowed talk to Them...

It can be rough trying to practice a religion rooted in the concepts of tribe and family all by your lonesome, I admit. There are group practices and rituals that won't really pare down to just one person, and there's something to be said for the connected nature of community that comes from being part of a Kindred. I sincerely hope one day to find (or create?!) one that I can work with to honor the community and the Gods.

In the meantime, though, being alone is no excuse for not honoring the Aesir and Vanir with regular gifts and prayers. But what to do? There are so many rules that everyone on the Pagan Interwebs seem to want to lay down in a depressing "Heathen-er Than Thou" Mjollnir-measuring contest, it can quickly get confusing, especially for the fresh-faced newcomers who just want some…

Contemplating the Gods: Friends, Foes, or Something...Else

An ant has no quarrel with a boot.
 - Loki, The Avengers

A very pointed question arises often in Pagan circles, and it is even more often used as a kind of Heathen litmus test in some circles:
"Do you have a Patron Deity?" What they're really asking is: Do you have the Pagan equivalent of "Buddy Christ"? Do you have personal chats with Divine Beings who, in some people's estimations, have "better things to do"? There are those in Heathenry (though by no means are these naysayers confined to those interacting with the Norse Gods and Goddesses) who would argue, stringently, that the Gods are so far removed from us, working on such a vast scale, that unless They are approached with the care owed a fire-walking, nitroglycerin juggling act, They can and will make your life and wyrd their plaything and it will suck.

Thor, the office Nice Guy.
Except that's likely the way our ancestors treated them. The Gods dealt with communities as a whole or kings/j…