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Why First Nations Are Not Your Excuse For Racism

One of the more common counter-arguments that some racist Heathens will use to bolster their arguments about "folk" and "people" that basically amount to a Vitamin D absorption test is that First Nations legally get to have a "blood quota," so why can't Heathens have a de facto one? For the record: a "blood quota" is the amount of heritage (1/4 - i.e. grandparent) necessary to be considered for inclusion or recognition. If indigenous cultures are allowed to demand hereditary and genealogical proof of for their "inclusiveness," why can't reconstructed indigenous cultures, amirite? It's a sad attempt at a "gotcha" that many will try against those who disagree with their practices.

It's also ignorant of the vast forces of history, law, and culture that impact every aspect of their argument.

I'm sure there's a counterargument that can save them. Somewhere.
We could just state that any attempt to compare an …

Havamal 54: Too Much of a Good Thing

Havamal 54: Middling-wise should each man be, never over-wise; for he lives the fairest life of folks who knows not over-much. Translation - Andrew Orchard - Penguin Classics
Knowledge is power, and power corrupts. We usually take that corrupting nature of power to mean a corrosive effect on morality and decision-making ability. The idea that right and wrong and the differences between the two begin to blur when more and more power (and knowledge) are obtained is not a new one.

The clearest two examples of this are in the same movie/comic book: The Watchmen. It's no mistake that we see Dr. Manhattan become more and more detached from his "humanity" the more powerful he becomes. Then there's the (spoiler alert for eight year old movie) villain of the piece, Ozymandias. His knowledge drove him to cross several lines of morality that others felt were too far. The question I'm pondering today, though, is that corruption the only kind of effect that can occur with too…

Story-time Saturday: Gotham 1459

More art-inspired short stories. This time, Batman set in 1459.

Original Artist's gallery can be found : HERE

The Crusader:

"I don't follow, sir. Is he a Man of God, or some form of heathen demon?" asked the noble as the rope tightened across his chest.

"Oh, he's both. He's neither. Best not to ask too deeply, My Lord," answered the highwayman, who's crude Crusader raiment (stolen, no doubt) was crusted with symbols of the wild tribes painted in blood.
"If he be a Man of God, surely I can appeal to him. I am no mere Lord. I have quite a few friends in Rome. He need not suffer under these Demons which afflict him," the rich man whispered.
"And what would Rome have to offer us?" came a gravelly voice behind him.
The noble's brow flushed with heat and sweat as he turned to face the monster that had attacked his caravan and killed his guards with a primal fury. Swallowing loudly, he quickly spoke, "Absolution! Protection…

McNallen's Racism, Point Number Four

When our Adventure into Racism left off, we had not only destroyed the underlying premise of race in Point Number One, but the pseudoscientific premise of the argument was put out of it's pitiable misery with a coup de grace for Points Two and Three. All of that, a bag of crisps, and we're only halfway through the video!

In all honesty, I felt compelled to write all of this specifically to address the content in the last half of the video. The goundwork has been done, the appetizers consumed, and the main course lies before us. Let's dig in and finish this in style, because if you're to wade into the racist pigpen for a rhetorical slaughtering, might as well do it with a smile.

Going only a little mad. I'm fine, really...
Fair warning, kids: This will be the longest post yet, because we're going to rip the bandage off all at once and just get this finished.

(Cued to line up with the topics discussed in this post)
(06:23 - 06:30)
"Point Number Four: I Will Def…

Story-time Saturday: Fire and Lightning

"They're all ugly, Will," Tom said in a muted voice as they pulled up to what was quickly becoming a multi-alarm fire. "But this one's got potential."
      "Zip it and move it. We've got the west side, find me a hydrant and run a line. Stephen, get a sitrep from the Chief on-scene," Will shouted over the noise of the gathering crowd and other engines.       As they all piled out of the cab, Stephen felt his stomach sink. Tom was right, this one was bad. A nine-story apartment complex had gone up, and it was threatening two other buildings nearby. Luckily it was a narrow building, no more than one or two apartments per floor. Even yards away, the heat wash was already turning his face red.       "What's the situation?" Stephen called over the roar of the flames as he approached a burly, gray-haired man barking orders.       "Chief Davidson," the fireman introduced himself. "We've evac'd the other two b…

McNallen's Racism, Points Number Two & Three

No one has said life is easy or perfect. In fact, Heathenry is drowning in struggles and failures, and even winning can look like losing at times. If life were simple, Round One would be a TKO to the entire premise of Stephen McNallen's terrible, no-good, awful video and all the views contained therein. Remove the very basis of all his arguments about race and one should see the rest of the fragile, ego-stuffed Tower of Racism doing exactly what should've happened decades ago...

We can let him do it gracefully, but he's still going to fall.
But life isn't that simple, and I'm a glutton for punishment (and arguments!). So let's get back into it, shall we?

(Cued to line up with the topics discussed in this post) (03:41 - 03:43)
"Point Number Two: Race is Important." I'm going to take this opportunity to make some observations in general about racism and how it warps and twists itself to fit within the worldview that the racists and "racialists&qu…