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"The Wotan Network" Part 2 - How to Exploit a God

In my last post, I raised the alarm about Stephen McNallen's latest endeavor, which appears to not only involve partnering with out-lout-n-proud AltRight Red Ice Media, but utilizing Apocalyptic Rhetoric in order to push a racist agenda under a Heathen veneer. Now I'm sure everyone's curious about my closing statement from part 1, so let's get to the action.

"[...]where I try to figure out just why McNallen's somehow willing
to throw Wotan under the bus to achieve his goals."
Transcript to follow - Video queued to begin in line with transcript (02:29 - 03:16)
"Now, I happen to have been a follower of Wotan, under his name of Odin, for some 45 years, and my personal experience is that He is utterly real, if inherently mysterious. But I don't expect my Christian, or Atheist, or Agnostic, or Other friends to agree on that. Instead, I invite them to think of Wotan as Carl Jung, the famous psychologist, did: Namely, as an inherited symbol in the colle…

"The Wotan Network" Part 1 - How to Corrupt a God

Edit Note: The original version was taken down for copyright infringement claims, apparently stemming from the song in the lengthy intro. Timestamps have been changed to reflect the latest version, embedded below.

I thought I was done with him. A long and multi-partbreakdown of his unscientific views on race should have done the trick. I spoke up against an "elder" who, once he could espouse his views free from association with the organization he founded, could rant his way into obscurity.

It's a day for American Gods gifs. I make no apologies.
Stephen McNallen is back with another video. This time, the video itself is as slick and polished as the honeyed words the old racist spat out in his previous videos. He has teamed up with Red Ice, an unabashedly racist and white supremacist network. I assume they are responsible for plucking the old man out from in front of his hearth and into the black-backed studio he now speaks from and set him up with all of the slick brandin…